Statement of Inclusivity & Code of Conduct

In addition to the below, #RPmyBook is subject to the Terms of Service laid out by the networks we use, like Twitter, as well as laws governing those sites (sorry, 12 year olds).


Statement of Inclusivity

#RPmyBook respects all writers and their stories. If you write, you are a writer and you are welcome. We welcome writers and stories from all backgrounds, experiences, races, religions, creeds, genders, sexualities, health condition, and so on and so forth, get the idea?

Harassing other users based on the above or similar criteria will not be tolerated. Speech that denigrates others based on these or similar criteria is also not allowed–even if your character thinks that way. Tone it down for the chat. Learn ways to make your character’s opinions clearly distinct from those of you, the writer.


Code of Conduct

By participating, users agrees to behave in a manner befitting rational, imaginative adults.

  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Treat characters with respect–don’t undermine them.
  • Distinguish between writer and character.
  • Don’t use your character to get away with things you wouldn’t feel right or safe doing yourself, such as insulting others.
  • Don’t God Mode–don’t presume how another character will act and ‘make them’ act without the writer’s permission.
    • Shonda saw Pete open his mouth to say something.
    • *dodges your attack*
  • Avoid triggering language within the main chat. Be aware of your fellow writers’ sensitivities.
  • Ask permission before drawing another character into something potentially controversial or triggering.