Wildcard: Most Skilled Character

Be they calligrapher, martial artist or magician, every story has a character who’s better at something than the rest. Maybe they’re even the best in the world, or maybe it’s just within your crew of characters.

This week’s questions can apply to any character in your WIP, so long as they are highly skilled at something.

  1. Introduce yourself: Name, age, gender, genre!
  2. What is your most powerful skill-set? (We know you’re good at lots of things, but what are you best at?)
  3. What does it feel like when you use these skills?
  4. How did you acquire such awe-inspiring skills?
  5. Have you ever used your power to help someone?
  6. Have you ever used your power to hurt someone?
  7. If you lost these skills tomorrow, where would you be? What would you do?
  8. What’s your weakness?

Thanks for playing!

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