Mentor: Previous Proteges

It’s not easy becoming a mentor. They should probably practice on some other people before the all-important MC. Let’s find out who those people were!

Choose a mentor character who has mentored other characters in the past. If they haven’t mentored previously, we have some alternative questions for you.

  1. Introduce yourself: Name, age, gender, genre.
  2. How did you become a mentor?
  3. How many other people have you mentored?
  4. What does it take to become a protege of yours? You wouldn’t mentor just anyone–or would you?
  5. Who was your first protege? And yes, it could be the current mentee.
  6. Who was your favorite protege?
    Alt: What do you like about your current protege?
  7. Which protege had the worst outcome? (Suspended, failed, died.)
    Alt: What’s the worst outcome for your current mentee?
  8. Have you ever questioned your fitness to be a mentor?
  9. What is your greatest success as a mentor?


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