Love Interest: Why You?

This week we’re putting love interests on the spot. Why is this character deserving of the title Love Interest?

You can choose any character involved in a romantic relationship, even if it’s one-way.  This week, we want a character who is the object of someone else’s affection.

  1. Introduce yourself: Name, age, gender and genre!
  2. Someone’s interested in you! Were you aware of that? Do you know who?
  3. What were you thinking about before you met the person interested in you?
  4. What was your first reaction upon meeting that person?
  5. What positive traits does your last love interest like?
  6. What negative traits doom your relationships?
  7. Does the character interested in you know about your dark side? (Everyone has a dark side.)
  8. Why are you deserving of love?
  9. GIF your love style! Sexy, affectionate, comfortable?
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