Love Interest: Lookin’ Sexy

This week we want to go into what makes the Love Interest so physically attractive. The character speaking is talking about themselves, so this is no time to be shy!

It’s very possible your character is not attracted to the character(s) that like(s) them. They could be attracted elsewhere or they could be asexual. Today they’re trying to figure out why someone else would like them.

  1. Introduce yourself. Name, age, gender, genre.
  2. You’re somebody’s love interest. Who is it that likes you? What’s your current relationship to them?
  3. Have you ever caught them staring at you? What part of you were they looking at?
  4. What’s your reaction to being stared at in this way? GIF it!
  5. Do you think you’re sexy?
  6. What do you think is your best/most attractive feature? Pics welcome.
  7. What do other people tell you is your best/most attractive feature? More pics!
  8. What feature would you like to keep hidden from this person who likes you?
  9. Show us what seductive looks like. GIF how you’d come onto someone you like.
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