Friend: Helper or Hindrance?

This week, choose a friend to your MC. We’re going to find out just how true a friend they really are.

  1. Introduce yourself: Name, age, gender, and genre.
  2. What do you want most?
  3. What does your friend (the MC) want most?
  4. Can you both have what you want at the same time?
  5. In what ways do you support the MC?
  6. Are you ever not supportive of the MC? In what way?
  7. What about the MC and their goals really bothers you? Could be picking their teeth in public or a poorly conceived plan.
  8. Do you have any other loyalties that could get in the way of supporting the MC? Other friends, family, etc.?
  9. If you were the MC, would you want that other MC to be your friend?
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