When is the chat?

The chat happens every Saturday at 18:00 UCT+0, for approximately one hour.

Time Zone Issues: What is my time zone? What is the chat’s time zone? How do I convert?

The chat takes place on Saturdays at 18:00 UTC+0, meaning 6pm in Coordinated Universal Time. (UTC+0 used to be known as Greenwich Mean Time.)

Here are some common conversions, or you can go to TimeZoneConverter.com.

  • Johannesburg UTC+2 : 8pm/20:00
  • London UTC+0 : 6pm/18:00
  • New York UTC-4 or -5: 1pm/13:00 or 2pm/14:00
  • Los Angeles UTC-7 or -8: 10am/10:00 or 11am/11:00

What is Role Playing (RP)?

The RP in #RPmyBook stands for “role play.” Role players assume the identity of a character for the duration of a game or activity.

During #RPmyBook writers take on the identity of a character from their work in progress (WIP).

Can I save the questions to use elsewhere?

Yes! You are encouraged to save, reuse, and use again as you work on your manuscripts!

Every week we will post the past week’s questions to the website in a sortable archive.

I can’t make the chat, can I blog my answers?

Absolutely! Tweet the URL to your post with #RPmyBook so everyone can read!